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If you're not using a delicates wash bag, sorry gorgeous ladies you're doing laundry wrong!

Protect your delicate garments with Bella Bodies fine mesh wash bag.

Yes we know using a washing bag is an extra step in the washing process, but the benefits might give you the nudge you need! Protecting your gorgeous bamboo underwear, non wired bras and shapewear means you get to wear them for longer, and in the same shape as when you bought them.

  • Use for all delicates: bras, knickers, shapewear, slips, tights & swimsuits
  • Bras won't come out misshapen
  • Lace bras and other items won't get shredded
  • Avoid tights and slips getting tangled
  • Retain the shape of your underwear and shapewear

Always read the label to make sure items aren't "Hand Wash Only" - and if so either wash them the old fashioned way or check your machine for the Hand Wash setting. Even on this setting, use your delicates wash bag in the machine.

As well as a wash bag for all your bamboo underwear, lace bras, shapewear and slips, they make great travel organisers! Pop your bras in one, knickers in another, and shapewear in a third - you'll be super organised!

Enjoy your bamboo underwear, lace bras and shapewear for longer with a delicates wash bag.

Our versatile wash bag comes in one size 28cm x 39cm, which fits up to 4 small items.

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