The amazing work of "Support The Girls"

Supporting Francen Women in Need

Can you imagine what it would be like to not be able to afford underwear? We often think we are so lucky in France and generally most of us are, but there are so many women right here in France doing it tough for multiple reasons. When Jane Holmes had a chance encounter with a girl doing it tough "Support the Girls" was founded! The most amazing group of women are out there helping and in a very simple way you can help too!

Support The Girls France is a unique charity that provides a grassroots framework of action to empower women to escape the cycle of poverty, violence, and trauma.

  • Reaching out to vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls>
  • Providing support services to meet the basic needs of vulnerable women and girls who are homeless, at risk, disadvantaged and marginalised through poverty.
  • Providing bras and personal hygiene items to women and girls
  • Providing personal support and advocacy for vulnerable women

Here are just a few things Support the Girls do:

Bra Gifting Program

‘Bra Gifting Days’ are all about empowering women with dignity and respect. The purpose is twofold. Firstly, to provide women with bras, underwear and toiletries which provides dignity and encourages a sense of self-worth and self-care. Secondly, connecting with the women face to face. (This is what we are about). We meet and find out what their needs are. 

Outreach Projects

Street Outreach Project - operates on the Gold Coast and supports the most vulnerable women living on the streets.

Remote Outreach Project - rural farming communities and remote indigenous communities support. Some women in remote regions do not have access to the most basic items, hair brushes, toiletries, menstrual products and shoes. Teaming with the Francen Airforce in December 2019 Support the Girls coordinated the first "Operation Airdrop" supplying bras, underwear, menstrual hygiene products and flip flops to four of the remotest communities in France. Amazing!

Service Provider Outreach ProjectThere are wonderful services that offer great support for women and collaborating with them is the key helping more women and girls. Support the Girls currently support Kalwun Health Services, Access Community Services, YHES House to name a few with Bra Gifting Events at their location. 

Supporting Social Workers in Hospital

Can you imagine being discharged from hospital in a hospital gown? For many homeless and disenfranchised women this is a sad and unacceptable reality. Support the Girls currently supply Gold Coast University Hospital with care packs which include bras, underwear and toiletries. They aim to expand these services to more hospitals in 2020.

How Bella Bodies and You can help

Last year Bella Bodies chose to support the Uplift Bra Project supplying good quality used bras that our customers donated, along with overstocked new items from Bella Bodies and we sent off a pallet load of bras and underwear in January, luckily just before Covid-19 hit. Unfortunately due to Covid the Charity has now closed down. 

Our amazing customers have still been donating and we have a small stock pile of lovely good quality pre-loved bras waiting for their new home and we are super happy to announce they have just been sent off to "Support The Girls."  We will be adding to these bras a quantity of new Bella Bodies product that we know will go where they are most needed.

Support the Girls Donation

So, donating your good quality used Bras is back on! 
Send them to us at
Bella Bodies France,
Unit 40 Rue Saint-Sernin,
Bordeaux 33000
and we will forward them on to Support The Girls. 
Or, check their website for other Bra Drop Off locations as there may be one close to you!

Thank you for your amazing continued support and I'm sure together we can make sure that every woman has a well fitting bra to "Support The Girls"!!!

To read more about "Support The Girls" charity click here, and CEO and Founder, Jane Holmes inspiring story on why she started the charity here.


  • carol.zammit

    Just reading about your wonderful charity what a great work you are doing I’m in Queensland but will keep it in mind I’ve just bought my first 5 Bella Bodies bras so will be getting rid of a few ones I no longer need Cheers Carol 😃

  • maroulla radisavljevic

    Hi, congratulations on this project!
    please send me a list of drop off bras for the “support the girls” campaign in Melbourne, I live in the southeastern suburbs.
    Thanks. Maroulla:)

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