How to put on Shapewear

Some of our shapewear can be a little tricky to get on, so please keep in mind the following tips…

  • Step into all styles. Yes that's right, step into everything, even your Camis (except long sleeve camis) and Bras. This will help lift and smooth any lumps and bumps. It will also mean you get the right size garment as it could be impossible to get over your head and shoulders but be the perfect fit for your waist!
  • Don't be afraid to give them a gentle tug over your bottom and hips by pulling with fingers, (not fingernails) from the bottom of garment upwards. The following video shows in fast motion how easy the Sculpting shorts are to put on and the real difference a light moderate firming short can make 

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  • Helen Tsalikis

    I am putting an order through how do I get my 10% off my total amount.

  • Esther Sherwood

    I have never had any trouble getting into Bella Bodies shape wear. When you have the garment up to your bottom put the back of your hands against your body and slide them down into the buttocks section of the garment and with the softs of your fingers gently but firmly pull upwards. If you do this by sliding your hands inside this section it is much easier than trying to tug it from higher up. You can then gradually continue the sliding upwards. This pulls any rolls or bumps up with it and smooths everything out. I do find through the day I have to sometimes get the shoulder strap and pull them upwards as this area can slide down a little. It is well worth the effort for the fabulous feel and look. I live in mine and love the comfort and support they give.

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